Candidate to the profession of architect

Michaël bears a striking resemblance to the contemporary definition of a ninja. Without making any waves, this master of architecture accomplishes task after task with disconcerting speed. His efficiency, relaxed attitude and sense of initiative are greatly appreciated by his colleagues, who all want him on their team. Michaël is also a master of sarcasm; one of his jokes invariably ends up in a group chat to lighten the mood. Stealthy, his arrival in the morning always goes unnoticed (handy for those who aren’t early risers). But don’t worry! He always respect deadlines.

At first glance, Michaël’s low-key demeanor quickly fades, revealing a strong-willed character who never hesitates to exceed expectations. Whether it’s for problems solving, completing the next task, volunteering, participating in the sustainable development committee, helping his family with their renovations or even leading the office volleyball team, Michaël devoutly gets involved in every challenges like few are capable of!

It’s when people dare to take risks and get personally involved that they can grow and evolve. – Herbert Otto