We create a suitable place for your lifestyle, your expectations and your family. We propose bright, fluid and functional spaces, conveying life, refinement and simplicity.

We propose a project which reflects your image, know-how and ambitions, while highlighting your commitment.

Sharing your vision and reflecting your company’s values means transposing your visual identity to build and consolidate your brand image via the space created.


Our Montreal architecture firm specializes in real estate redevelopment. Your home, your business, your clinic or your offices need to convey a symbol, your values. Commercial and residential architecture enables us to build an infrastructure that supports a message, your own identity, your commitment. It allows us to make the grandeur of your ideas and aspirations visible and tangible.

Our services rely first and foremost on the creativity combined with proven technical expertise of our architects. Our Montreal-based architecture firm creates environments that stand out from the crowd. We’re constantly innovating to offer you quality spaces with sophisticated design and optimized functionality.


The success of our projects depends on your complete satisfaction. Enjoyment and customer experience are the added values of our services. By basing our services on exchange, we are convinced that a sharing of knowledge between you and our architects is essential.

Dialogue is the key. the root of our success; it awakens our awareness of your needs. Before each project, it’s essential that we immerse ourselves in your vision, so that we can meet the aesthetic, functional, economic and environmental challenges and produce a unique architectural result.


ADHOC architects’ mission is to bring you innovative architectural solutions that go against established conformism. Our various ephemeral urban projects reflect the transversality of our thinking and the variety of our practice. Architecture, an art form that stimulates the senses, confers an emotional and intellectual reach, conveying something larger than life. Calling on the services of ADHOC architects is an opportunity to illustrate yourself as an individual or organization in your own right.
There are no limits to our work, no fixed systems of thought. The absence of boundaries allows us to develop innovative, constantly renewed thinking. This inspires and influences all our projects, whether minimalist or original, contemporary or classic. Thus, our company

of architecture in Montreal builds projects that are unique and different from one another.

Our common concern in all our projects? To tell your story and share your vision in a sustainable environment.
Witnessing this growing concern within society, ADHOC architectes has LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified projects and strives to promote the principles of sustainable construction, whatever the nature of the project. The BIM (Building Information Modeling) specialty is cultivated and applied by the members of our Montreal architectural firm, in order to offer environmentally-friendly architectural solutions and enable technical coordination of construction documents.


Your choice of architectural firm in Montreal should be based on the value and importance you place on your aspirations. ADHOC architectes is dedicated to helping you or your company shine.

When you entrust us with your project :

You become an active partner throughout the process;

You are dealing with a Montreal architectural firm that is motivated by your satisfaction;

You choose a team of forward-thinking professionals with expertise in architecture, engineering, construction and design;

Got a project in mind? Share it with us

It will be our pleasure to put our creativity to work for you!