Candidate to the profession of Architect

Having spent many years on the field hockey bench, at the school bench and in a variety of work environments, it’s easy to understand why Xavier thrives on challenges without ever giving less than 110%. Ease of learning, resourcefulness and great adaptability are just some of the qualities that make him a formidable first-team player.

Managing projects with technique while being an ideator of ideas, a defender of his colleagues and of good architectural practice, it’s fair to say that Xavier is an all-round player. His optimistic attitude is as much a catalyst for tackling any challenge as it is for boosting team morale in any situation.

He’s undoubtedly the perfect short-handed teammate to inspire confidence and reassure the troops. Far from the “clichés” and the first impressions of the typical field hockey player, Xavier has a keen interest in art and culture. (sometimes even bringing a tear to the eye during dance performances) ; an asset to his resume that allows him to nurture his sensibility and design projects that are integrated into their context and adapted to their users. Whether it’s for a vernissage, a show or a party or as a team player by excellence, chances are Xavier will be up for it.

For our team as much as for yours, he’s undeniably a top draft pick.

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”