Site supervisor – Architectural technician

Like a woodland caribou, always zen but always on the lookout, Vanessa is a curious observer eager to learn new things. If this eternal student finally landed in architecture, it certainly wasn’t to sit at the office all day! She belongs on the construction site, tracking down problems big and small. Underneath her soft, reassuring voice, you’d better take her seriously, because although she’s a consensus-builder, she doesn’t let anyone walk all over her!

Following the schedule of a “site girl”, she starts her day at dawn with a thousand projects in mind. Whether in the office, on the worksite, kayaking or hiking, she’s 100% focused on finding solutions to the obstacles in her path. Although she’s not a native of the boreal forest, you could almost call her a rare animal. At ADHOC, we immediately adopted her.

« Good architecture lets nature in » Mario Pei