Project Manager

The ADHOC team is made up of several athletes, but none can claim to be as complete an athlete as Pascale. This champion sprint canoeist draws her motivation from the competitive spirit that has always driven her. Her fighting spirit and perseverance in sport are equally evident in her work. With her boundless energy, she knows how to propel the projects entrusted to her. Unwavering in the face of adversity, she’s not afraid to row against the tide to lead her team to success. The secret behind her legendary stoic temperament may lie in her years in training camp, her upstream preparation or her experience of top-level competitions… Or its love of the outdoors, for unrivalled opportunities to recharge one’s batteries.

In her sporting and professional life, Pascale is not satisfied with half measures. So we see her arrive at work by bike, summer or winter, to tackle her day in a confident, methodical, never rushed way.

This medallist always has her eye on the lens [sometimes her camera lens]. Indeed, Pascale navigates easily between different modes of communication. As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, with her, one or the other will do. Through writing and photography, she knows how to move people. And so, combining this winning balance of strengths and sensibilities, Pascale perfectly personifies the N°1 project manager, the one who leads all projects to the podium of success.

“Where passion lurks, competition lurks. Or is it the other way around?” – Robert Blondin