Intermediate architect
Project Manager

Pascale joined ADHOC team with disarming naturalness. In every respect, this enthusiastic architect and the rest of the team are a perfect match. Always up for new projects, she’ll amaze you with her time management, efficiency and reliability. She’s also a writer in her spare time, and impresses with her mastery of language and words. Unlike spritz, her favorite summer drink, her bubbly personality will leave no bitterness in your mouth.

A woman of many talents, she’s also a great mom who knows how to handle the stove as well as the hammer. Like a beaver building her lodge and protecting the forest ecosystem, Pascale is indispensable to her colleagues’ equilibrium. Resourceful, honest and modest, she embodies the values of the office and, like our national rodent, could be said to be the emblem of ADHOC.

« Necessity is the mother of invention » Jonathan Swift