Mathieu Paul-Hus

Architectural technician

Like a bear, Mathieu can seem intimidating at first. However, behind his homey side and legendary phlegm, you’ll discover a calm, reassuring person. A great gourmand by nature, Mathieu enjoys everything: theater, cinema, gastronomy… and architecture, of course. He’s passionate about the all kinds of arts, which are an undeniable asset for a technologist. In fact, he ensures that the beauty of the initial design is carried through the finest details of the project. You can see the ease, diligence and methodology with which Mathieu carries out his work.

You’d think he’d always been an architectural technologist. And yet! Mathieu took a few detours ⎼ notably in theater set design ⎼ before making the leap into architecture. These considerable achievements have given him an unrivalled sense of organization, manual dexterity and excellent spatial understanding. As colorful and nuanced as a good Bloody Caesar, Mathieu will amaze you with his eclectic yet complementary qualities

« Little train goes far.» Mœurs et coutumes québécoises,1913