Communications Advisor

​​Laura is the brain, eyes, arms and legs behind the Company’s communications. Behind the scenes, avoiding the spotlight as much as possible, she works hard to make the office shine, without skimping on rigor. Being an outsider to the world of architecture gives her the considerable advantage of sometimes having a more neutral viewpoint, but above all, of always finding the right, often funny, balanced angle to convey information.


Her talent for writing is definitely put to the test in this diversified position: writing calls for tender, managing the website, updating portfolios, public relations, job applications and more, are all tasks she manages for her daily work.

She always enjoys having her hands in multiple scenarios behind the scenes because she’s a jack-of-all-trades in general. Indeed, Laura excels in the art of juggling various projects at once. She therefore runs, goes to shows, works with her hands in pottery or sewing. What’s most impressive is that she does these tasks as much for pleasure as to achieve a performance objective.


Laura orchestrates the details, bringing laughter and precision like the producer of the show that is an architectural office. She keeps the office running, but above all takes it to the next level.

“Communication is about understanding the listener.” Jean Abraham