Site supervisor
Architecture Designer

Dominique : the funny little bug of the team. Officially, he’s a site supervisor; but unofficially, he’s hard to categorize, and that’s just as well. Morning like coffee, he also has a full-bodied, bitter side. His trademark is always his dark, slightly caustic humor. Don’t doubt it, Dominique will certainly tease you with some sarcastic jokes and questionable acrostics. Despite everything, he remains very protective towards his colleagues or his projects. Whatever the challenge, this “workaholic” strives at work, because he is definitely a perfectionist at heart.

Un autodidacte très certainement, Dom est aussi un touche-à-tout aux vies multiples. In addition to his studies in architecture, his DIY side and his interest in technicality shine through.

However, more often than not, it’s his background as a cabinetmaker, humorist, artist or even canoeist that comes to the surface. The maverick that he is always finds unusual and innovative solutions, while the seasoned Dom doesn’t let them be imposed. When it’s time to supervise a site, he’s undoubtedly the right man for the job.

« Man is the measure of all things. » Protagoras