Senior Architectural Technologist – Technical Director

Christian may not be the oldest (or the wisest, for that matter), but he still bears the official title of office dad. By some mysterious power of omniscience, he seems to know everything that’s going on, and never hesitates for a second to solve any challenges, whether it is technical, IT or logistical. Like a shepherd, he knows how to use his organizational skills, efficiency and reliability to redirect his lost sheep with his invaluable advice. Drawing on his years of experience, this senior technologist uses his great creativity to find THE RIGHT solution for each issue. Like all superheroes, he has one small weakness: his inability to say no is his kryptonite.

True to the father figure he embodies, Christian will certainly grace you with one of his famous dad jokes. In fact, it’s Christian’s unrivalled sense of humor that defuses stressful or tricky situations. A man of many talents, he’s just as adept at cutting walls as he is at writing sheet music. When the time comes, he’ll gladly swap his computer keyboard for his piano, much to the delight of his audience. There’s no doubting Christian’s ability to illustrate himself in the manner of his beverage of choice. Like a good IPA, he’s both versatile and indispensable.

« The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. » Arthur C. Clarke