Interior designer junior

As the eldest child of a large family, Blanche has developed her sense of responsibility in this role. Meticulousness and perfectionism are her central work ethic. Like a big sister, spending time with family, caring for loved ones and showing interest in the people around her are just some of the characteristics that make her an attentive and sensitive designer.


As her first name suggests, Blanche and her projects have a gentle touch. Se creates designs by instinct, that can be described as timeless. Simple, but never simplistic, defines both her projects and the way she spends her time outside work.

Being at the cottage in nature on weekends, watching a roaring fire or listening to movies fills her heart with happiness as long as this time is shared with loved ones and her little dog.


Blanche’s expressive, engaging personality is a hit with everyone in the office. And the sincerity with which she captures the emotions of others makes her a golden colleague and a designer of choice. As a lover of beautiful things, she’ll surprise you with her innate sense of good taste and attention to detail.

“Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle sensations” – Agnes Martin