USAGE A passage between Verdun and Nun’s Island, revealing a new complicity, infrastructure and architecture, bridge
STATUS Architecture competition
LOCATION Verdun, Montréal, QC, Canada


ALCOA & CeAI Architectural Ideas Competition: Winning Project: Public Prize + Honorary Jury Mention,

Lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant and malleable, aluminum is a material of infinite possibilities. The formal undulation of the structure presents a technical challenge that celebrates the material’s potential. The aluminum structure is clad with aluminum foam panels, an innovative and uncommon solution. A civil engineering project of this scale, supplied and implemented by Quebec manufacturers, becomes a privileged showcase offering a variety of new possibilities in the city, as well as being an innovative and promising project in economic, social and environmental terms.

The project aims to create a mobility network based on cycling, walking and the metro. Once connected by a bridge, L’île-des-Soeurs and Verdun would be just a few minutes’ walk or bike ride from a metro station, and thus from the rest of the metropolis. Connecting the existing network enriches the possibilities for active travel, promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in the city. Each pillar of the bridge invites walkers to descend a spectacular spiral staircase at the heart of the structure to the platforms at water level, bringing residents closer to their river and establishing a nautical link with the shore.

Its undulating morphology creates a succession of three public squares, inviting walkers to stop and admire the view. In the event of an emergency, the squares can safely accommodate pedestrians and cyclists, freeing up the central voice needed by emergency vehicles, regardless of the congestion of the Champlain Bridge.


Jean-François St-Onge / Architect, Creative Director
François Martineau / Architect, Technical Manager
Pascale Bornais-Lamothe / Architectural Designer
Tania Paula Garza / Architectural Designer

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