USAGE Engineering, Interior Design and commercial offices
STATUS Completed, 2021
LOCATION Atwater, Westmount, Qc, Canada | 45°29’16.4″N 73°35’03.2″W

Maya HTT’s office concept focuses on thermographic studies. This scientific discipline has been at the heart of the Company since its foundation. The activity centers are colorful and open, reflecting the activity and energy levels of the spaces. Workspaces are contrasted with gray, white and maple. A cameo of materials in all spaces ensures that the result is textured and rich. The result is fresh, youthful and dynamic, perfectly reflecting the image of this Montreal-based Company.


Jean-François St-Onge / Architect, Creative Director
Sylvie Allain / Senior Interior Designer, Project Manager
Sarah Lord / Interior Designer


© Raphaël Thibodeau / Photographer

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