USAGE Family home, residential: single-family home
STATUS Complete, 2019
LOCATION Rue St-André, Montréal, Qc, Canada, 45°32’37.8″N 73°37’06.0″W

Located in the heart of Villeray, this family residence blends in with its surroundings, its sober exterior massing echoing the proportions of the neighborhood. The canopy on the front façade protects the entrance from the elements, but also acts as a sunshade, preventing overheating in summer and allowing spaces to be heated naturally in winter. The interior spaces are arranged around an open staircase on 3 levels, providing natural ventilation through a chimney effect. The materiality of the interior spaces highlights the cross-laminated timber structure, adding character to the spaces.


Jean-François St-Onge / Artistic Director
Maude Bilodeau D’Astous / Architectural Designer


© Raphaël Thibodeau / Photographer

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