Candidate to the profession of architect

Originally from Côte-Nord region, Mario now lives in the heart of Mile-End, and it’s easy to see that he finds his equilibrium in the meticulous management of the contrasts that punctuate his life.

At work, Mario is said to be a machine of opposing tasks as design and construction. This certainly stems from his varied studies in technology, design and architecture, but also from his varied interests in art. In his practice, his overflowing creativity does not prevent him from having the goal of realization in his sights. The key element is that he never reduces his ambitions and leaves nothing to chance.

In this free time, changes of pace are the order of the day.

You’ll find Mario on a karaoke stage getting his groove on in the evening, at the gym in the early hours of the morning, or on a silent fishing trip in the middle of the woods at the weekend. On longer vacations, a return to his roots allows him to recharge his batteries. Mario not only has Côte-Nord tattooed on his heart, but also the Baie-Comeau logo tattooed on his arm!

What’s fascinating is that everything Mario undertakes is never done by halves, but always with the goal of excellence in mind. As an anecdote, while preparing his delicious homemade carrot cakes for a party, Mario was worried about running out; and the best part is that we ate them for 4 days with great pleasure!

“Balancing everything is good. Putting everything in harmony is better.” -Victor Hugo-