Intermediate architect
Project Manager

Those who have worked with Arnaud will tell you that he’s the beacon [and strength] of the team, to the point where we can’t do without him! Analytical and meticulous, this architect rises to every challenge with cool-headedness. Slender and elegant, like the cheetah, his favourite animal, Arnaud shares many qualities with this mythical feline. Fast, creative and inquisitive, he knows how to keep the pace and he also excels in projects of all kinds.

long hours. In fact, when he’s not working, he channels his energy and perseverance into running, hiking or cycling. Watching this teammate go, you can’t help but be motivated. And if you feel stressed along the way, you can count on Arnaud to defuse even the most stressful situations. In short, like a Negroni ⎼ his favorite cocktail, Arnaud combines many strengths, including the ability to converse in Italian!

« Everyone knew it couldn’t be done. Then one day someone came along who didn’t know it, and did it. » Winston Churchill