Senior architect
Project Manager – Associate

A ray of sun shining on a window in winter, the smell of sugar pie fresh from the oven or freshly cut wood. All this brings us back to Anik, our extraordinary Architect. By her very presence, she brings a sense of well-being and confidence in the future, creating a gentle warmth, reassuring and authentican atmosphere. But be warned, her soft and soothing voice doesn’t make her a flower ready to be plucked. In the forest, Anik would be more like a Sequoia, majestic and resilient to the hazards she encounters.

A point of reference for everyone, an experienced leader who knows where to go to reach her goal, exploring new possibilities at every turn, Anik is as versatile as a Swiss Army knife (except when it comes to bringing her lunch) in leading her team towards the desired resolutions, and finding the answer to every problem posed. Speaking of trees, did you know that this cabinetmaker’s daughter also knows how to handle a saw? An avid learner, Anik swaps social gatherings for a hard hat to build her own cottage. This jack-of-all-trades is no novice, and may well surprise you with her abilities! Ready to get on board?