Project Manager

Quebecoise by adoption, but Moldavian by birth, we’re delighted that Aliona has settled here after a school career that took her to France and Mexico. With such background, it’s easy to understand why this colorful architect never seems unsettled, no matter what the situation is. This also perhaps explains her thirst for discovery, her open-mindedness and her interest in languages. Like a cockatoo, she possesses a distinctive gift for imitating many sounds and accents.

But don’t be fooled ! There’s nothing frivolous about this funny bird, although versatile and volatile. On the contrary, Aliona will amaze you with her phenomenal memory to store all the precise and important data for a project.

And she does not only personify a veritable encyclopedia on legs, but Aliona always manages to make the links between information. She carefully incubates her thoughts, until THE innovative answer hatches. Even if her migratory path can be difficult to map, it’s clear that her many past experiences enable her to arrive at her destination with fresh solutions every time. Creative, laughing and energetic, it’s always a joy when Aliona takes a ⎯ project and the ⎯ team under her wing.

Speaking a language means adopting a world – Frantz Fanon