USAGE Urban design, temporary design
STATUS Built, 2017
LOCATION Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal, Qc, Canada,
45°31’37.4″N 73°34’48.5″W

Cabanes, a temporary design event held during the 2017 edition of the Mont-Royal Avenue trade show, invited 5 Montreal firms to build a cabane with cardboard as the imposed material. The archetype of the shack as mini-home carries a whole playful universe that we wanted to retranslate. The shape of the gable roof supports this typology. It reminds us of the tree house of our childhood, where we loved to take refuge in the heights. Vertical and linear, the accumulation of cardboard tubes evokes the fact that this material comes directly from our forests. They seek out the light, imitating trees that grow straight and tight. By hollowing out the block thus formed, a shelter is created, reconnecting with the primal need for shelter, protection from wind, sun and rain. The pierced tubes create a canopy, filtering light as the sun filters through the foliage of trees in summer, creating patterns on the ground and immersing curious visitors in a poetic universe. The simplicity of the materials used and the way they are applied support the structural reality of the project, while at the same time proposing a form of organicity that recalls both the origins of cardboard and long walks in the forest.


Jean-François St-Onge / Architect, Creative Director
Pascale Jetté / Architect, Project Manager
Pascale Bornais-Lamothe / Architectural Designer
Roxanne Boilard-Pesant / Architectural Designer
Maude Bilodeau-D’Astous / Architectural Designer
Marie-Andrée Groleau / Architectural Designer
Etienne Coutu Sarrazin / Architectural Designer
Valentine Fleith / ADHOC architectes
Clara Tardif / ADHOC architectes
Justine Haulin / ADHOC architectes
Sharlène Dupont Morin / ADHOC architectes


Odace événements / sponsor
Jessica Weber / volunteer
Leza Mesrob / volunteer
Jennifer Jiang / volunteer
Theo Levrard / volunteer
Emilie Cormier / volunteer
Joël Rousseau / volunteer
Sophie Lamothe / volunteer
Keven Rozon / volunteer
Jean-Baptiste Schnetz / volunteer
Gabriel Bélanger / volunteer
Andréanne Begin / volunteer
Vanessa Gauthier Davidson / volunteer
Francis Poirier / volunteer
William Gauthier / volunteer


ADHOC Architectes

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